2014 – People, Shows and Good Times

Working Class Hussys in 2014

Working Class Hussys in 2014

Looking back we had an amazing year in 2014 filled with memories of a magical transformation into a working (paid) live band with singing girls. We accomplished so much more than we ever assumed going into it. Working Class Hussys performed in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We were on many radio stations sometimes we were live and several of our songs were played in the tri-state area. We also had press in online and offline publications. We had a freaking billboard on Route 1 in Princeton! We couldn’t have done any of this without our extended team whom we’d like to thank profusely and mention here.

Throughout the year we have had the following band members: Ian Patrick Gentles lead singer and acoustic guitar, Tony Mann on drums, Mike McClellan on guitar, Greg Winka on Guitar, Colt Morris on bass guitar. At various times we have also had Brian Casale on bass, Mignon Sampson, Amanda During, Ann Shi, Patricia Crowell, Tatiana Kalko and Dina Celisca-Jules on background vocals. We could not have done the vocals, choreography and sparkle without Kenny Watterson as the vocal arranger and coach. We also worked with Producer Timm Mulhern on recordings and performance technique and rock styling. Additional vocal coaching was generously provided by Rich DeReinzi. Amazing–every one.

We also have some of the best family, friends, fans and onlookers anyone could ask for! We were one of the 10% of Kickstarter Campaigns to actually get funded in 2014! We raised $2,900 for the completion of the Diesel Tunes album which was so completely AWESOME! We successfully booked and launched in a major venue in New York the CD release party along with a bunch of press! The place was packed that night, thank you for that! We also achieved a major accomplishment through fan votes to be in the top 10 bands to compete in Hard Rock Rising in Philadelphia! We were in the ReverbNation top 10 bands numerous times throughout 2014 as well. We couldn’t do this without our fans. We appreciate your support in every way, thank you!

Behind the scenes we have a stellar team. Many of our shows were covered with photography from Eric Fennell and he visualized and shot our promotional photography. Our website was redesigned and updated by James Podles. The album cover art designs and Ian’s drawings were masterfully manipulated by Joseph Salalzar. Our release show video was produced by Ray Bailey and the RGB Video team. Our Kickstarter video and house party video was produced and filmed by Jonathan Dubrowski. Publicity was provided by Michael Martinez along with a ton of good advice. Additional publicity and support in local bookings were accomplished with the help of Kati Kertesz and Patricia Ann Gentles. This entire team is quick to respond and provide another level of professionalism and creativity to the project. Thank you!

This still doesn’t begin to explain the level of commitment of the band members and their spouses, parents and friends who have schlepped gear, set up mic stands, posted in social media, tracked down bookers, hosted rehearsals, created posters, purchased feather boas, handed out fliers and managed every detail of the band relentlessly. All is good when you have a great team of people to work with. Thank you all for being part of it. Let’s continue the Hussification Of A Nation in 2015!!!

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