2016 Spring Diesel Tunes Tour Announced

2016 Diesel Tunes TourIt is with tremendous excitement Working Class Hussys is proud to announce we are going on an official Diesel Tunes Road trip! We have had the pleasure to share our most recent full CD with the northeastern region since the release, but now we have arranged to get a van and hit the road. For the middle part of March we will be making stops in Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas and Texas. We’d like to dedicate the first song of the album, To Tennessee, to this experience with many stops in Tennessee! Ian was thinking about writing a song for each state, but we may not get those songs recorded in time. Here are some of the details about our tour stops. We hope to see our friends in some of these places, and hope to make many more!         Friday, March 11th  8PM in Abingdon Virginia, Bonefire Smokehouse BBQ. Saturday, March 12th 10PM in Maryville, Tennessee, Barley’s Maryville. Sunday, March 13th 1:30PM in Nashville, Tennessee, Ri’chards Lousiana Cafe. Monday, March 14th 10PM in Fayetteville, Arkansas, The Smoke & Barrel Tavern. Wednesday, March 16th 1PM [...]More

Independent Stage Interview

We had a lovely conversation on the radio with the hostess of the Independent Stage, Deirdre Gilmartin, talking about our tour plans, what it’s like to write these songs and many other fun tid bits. Sprinkled throughout are some of our songs from Diesel Tunes and another unreleased song called Eccentric. You can listen to this show on Mixcloud and be sure to hit the heart button for us. Thanks!     indpendentstage interview feb 2016 More

100 College Radio Stations!

We can’t give enough thanks to the music directors and college DJs around the US and Canada that have taken the step of spinning our Diesel Tunes CD since December! As of our last report there were roughly 100 stations that were playing our songs and another 25 that were putting our music in their libraries to be played! We are so excited to share this news! This gives us so much energy to get on the road and start to do shows in those places where people are listening! Thank you so much! WCH Hotsheet   KFSR Fresno More

Hot Patootie…Bless My Soul

In the summer of 2015, Working Class Hussys helped pay tribute to the Rocky Horror Picture show 40th anniversary. We were part of a local effort to cover some of the best songs from the musical. We did the cover of the song called Hot Patootie – originally done by Metaloaf in the movie. Listen to our version of it on our music page. Hot patootie The original production is a satirical tribute to the science fiction and horror B movies of the 1930s through early 1970s. The film stars Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick along with Meatloaf! More

WCH Headliners at FilmOneFest

Working Class HussysWorking Class Hussys played to their largest crowd yet when they headlined at the FilmOneFest (the Atlantic Highlands One-Minute International Film Festival) in New Jersey’s Atlantic Highlands. The crowd of about 2500 also screened amateur films from all around the world. Although the set was cut slightly short due to a threat of rain, it was great to hear the opening acts ‘Rockit’ and ‘Crimson Sky’. WCH would like to thank the organization for inviting us to play. We would also like to shout out to our band members, Mike McClellan, Tony Mann, Patricia Crowell, Ian Patrick Gentles, Greg Winka, and Brian Casale for putting on a great show. Thank you so much, Film One Fest, and we hope to see you there again next year. FilmOneFest is the Jersey Shore’s preeminent showcase for all forms of short films under two minutes in length. The festival is a free summertime seaside screening in the town of Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey. Its goal is to raise awareness of the arts, as well as the community of Atlantic Highlands. FilmOneFest also promotes local and international filmmaking through [...]More