UPDATE: In support of the Diesel Tunes album we are booking dates in March on a road trip from New Jersey to Texas and back. Specifics will be available soon.

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WCH Headliners at FilmOneFest

Working Class HussysWorking Class Hussys played to their largest crowd yet last Saturday night when they headlined at the FilmOneFest (the Atlantic Highlands One-Minute International Film Festival) in New Jersey’s Atlantic Highlands. The crowd of about 2500 also screened amateur films from all around the world. Although the set was cut slightly short due to a threat of rain, it was great to hear the opening acts ‘Rockit’ and ‘Crimson Sky’. WCH would like to thank the organization for inviting us to play. We would also like to shout out to our band members, Mike McClellan, Tony Mann, Patricia Crowell, Ian Patrick Gentles, Greg Winka, and Brian Casale for putting on a great show. Thank you so much, Film One Fest, and we hope to see you there again next year. FilmOneFest is the Jersey Shore’s preeminent showcase for all forms of short films under two minutes in length. The festival is a free summertime seaside screening in the town of Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey. Its goal is to raise awareness of the arts, as well as the community of Atlantic Highlands. FilmOneFest also promotes local and international filmmaking through the use of new media [...]More

New Patreon Page Is Up and Ready for YOUR Pledge

Support Us On Patreon     Yes, we are independent musicians. Ian always says he didn’t choose to be a musician, the art chose him. The things we do to deliver quality music through a weekly music video blog takes a considerable amount of resources. Due to the changes in the music industry there is less focus on artists at our level. Your pledge for $1 or $5 per video has a great impact on our ability to continue the work we do. Visit our Patreon page today to learn more about the way it works, our gifts to people who pledge and exclusive access to our work. Thank you!   More

Live Acoustic Set on June 11th in Lambertville, NJ

An acoustic version of our band kicks off the music at this Food Truck Fair in Lambertville, NJ on Thursday, June 11. We’ll start at 5:30. We have a smaller, tighter acoustic sound for this one. Following us is Strange Brew Crew at 6pm. Then at 7 is the Shackers! Great sound set up. Great food. Come join us at Caffe Galleria and come hungry! Link from the photo takes you to the Facebook Event Page. See you there! Foodtruck 2015 lambertville More

Playing at Fran’s Pub April 24, 2015

Frans Digital Banner Friday, April 24 is a big night in New Hope, Pennsylvania. We’ll be rockin’ the house at Fran’s Pub –thats a local institution for great drinks, food and fun times. It’s also during the local Shad Fest in Lambertville. If you haven’t been lately, Fran’s has expanded into a much larger venue with a sweet stage and professional sound system and remodeled dining room. To stay up to date on this gig, we’ve set up a Facebook Event page (just click on the poster to find it). The event starts at 8pm, that’s the perfect set up if you want to walk around New Hope and get a little somethin’ for yourselves. If you bring a first timer to see our show, let one of the band members know and you’ll both get a surprise gift. More

Loads of Vlogs

photo of highway during a snow storm with tire tracksHealth Food Truckers Episode 1   Our website is now functioning as a blog, hooray! Now we can tell you about stuff more often, hooray! I feel like we have a little catching up to do. We’ve been creating a weekly music vlog. This is week 6, I think. We’ve entered into the vlog series Health Food Truckers, a comedy/music vlog from Ian’s days as a driver for a health food distributor in Pennsylvania. More